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Cloud Connectivity

New cloud initiatives? Migrating workloads to the cloud? In either case, building a solid connectivity foundation is crucial to a successful cloud deployment.   Below are some of the key design principles of our approach:

  •  We ensure your connectivity model can scale to accommodate the dynamic nature of cloud workloads and the potential growth of your organization and its infrastructure

  • On-prem to cloud (hybrid) connectivity is tightly coupled with application and security requirements; building networks based on assumed "up the stack" requirements is no longer possible

  • Integrate cloud-native services where possible.  Cloud network services are rapidly evolving and quickly replacing applianced-based solutions from OEMs.  Our philosophy is "cloud first, vendor second" 

Design & Build

Whether you are building a new data center, upgrading your WAN, or refreshing your campus network, Vector has the experience and know-how to ensure a solid implementation.  Some highlights of our methodology include:


  • We believe in a vendor-agnostic approach to design that prioritizes a customer's requirements.  Vendor-provided BOMs and drawings frequently don't have the customer's best interests in mind

  • Where possible, we employ a migration path that favors small, incremental changes instead of large cutover events

  • We provide the knowledge and training necessary to ensure a smooth transition for your operators and admins

Network Automation

Vector is familiar with modern approaches to network automation: Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network as Code (NaC).  More importantly, we are experienced in developing solutions that work for your environment and fit the needs of your IT organization as a whole.  There are three common use cases for network automation that we see:

  • Modern network equipment vendors have largely transitioned from selling discrete devices to packaged solutions that include a centralized management controller.  These controllers commonly have APIs that customers would like to leverage to automate the provisioning, troubleshooting, and/or orchestration of the underlying network infrastructure

  • Customers that have existing "classical" network infrastructure and would like to overlay an automation solution in order to streamline and standardize changes and migrations

  • Cloud application workloads being deployed using an infrastructure-as-code methodology.  Deploying the network using the same approach provides operational benefits at all layers of the stack

Cloud Connectivity

Work With Us

We're glad you found us and we would love to talk to you about whatever your next big network initiative entails.  We enjoy working with all kinds of network-related technologies, so don't hesitate to reach out and see if there is a fit with your project.  Even if there isn't, we can most likely refer you to the right person or point you in the right direction.  Regardless, we look forward to the conversation.

We usually subcontract through your Value Added Reseller (VAR), but contacting us directly is the best way to get started - we can figure out the specifics of the engagement later.

In general, we work with the following vendors and technologies, but this list is by no means exhaustive and we like to consider ourselves a pretty adaptable bunch:

  • AWS and Azure

    • Networking constructs and components​

  • Open Source Network Automation​

    • Ansible​

    • Python

    • Terraform

    • Netbox

  • Cisco

    • Conventional routers and switches (IOS/XE)​

    • Conventional data center switches (NX-OS)

    • ACI

  • Arista

    • Data center switches (EOS)​

    • CloudVision​

  • Palo Alto Firewalls​

If you have any questions or think we may be a good fit for your next project, please fill out the Contact Form or drop us an email here.  We look forward to working with you!

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